Welcome - Reaching out to new audiences

The EU is creating a single market for high quality postal services in Europe through the mandate given in the latest postal directive.   As a result it is necessary to harmonise postal standards to support postal organisations in conforming to the directive.  Establishing standards also provides greater transparency, more efficiency and interoperability, and sets minimum quality requirements.  

This work has been going on for some years and with considerable success.  A number of standards have been developed for measuring quality of service and technical interoperability between postal operators.  It is essential now to reach out to new audiences to ensure that this activity and the new standards are more widely known and understood across the industry and by customers and users. 

So aim of this new update is to involve, inform and engage a wider group of interested stakeholders.  This includes postal operators, users, customers and the broader business community.

To read more on CEN/TC331 and it's relevance to the Postal Services market in Europe, continue to the introduction.

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